Review about Nespresso Coffee Maker

My review & tutorial about Nespresso Coffee Maker. It’s available in USA at these stores… Target, Bed,Bath&Beyond, Macys
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Assalamualaikum everyone good morning Happy Sunday it is very cloudy in Nashville so today as you all know I got My Nespresso coffee maker and I had Unboxed unboxing with all of you with All my YouTube family so today I’m gonna Make my Life of coffee so I thought why don’t I Share the whole process with you and Then I’m gonna share my review about This coffee maker with you so that People who are going to buy it and they Have some idea what they are looking Into so let’s go and make all right guys So here is my little coffee stand I have My coffee pods in this and then I have Some sugar supplements in this and then Here is the Nespresso coffee maker So this is let me give you a little you Know Explanation of this so this is the Container in which we are going to add Water And then we Will unlock it press it And then we are going to Open it So we are going to put our coffee pots Uh from here Any flavor that you really like we are Gonna put it in this and then I’m gonna Close it and that’s how you know it’s Gonna start making coffee and here is my Little coffee mug it says happy holidays

So let’s go and make our first cup of Coffee I’m also going to warm some Coffee creamer I’m gonna show you also Which coffee creamer I’m using so guys This is the coffee creamer that I’m Gonna use you can use any Brand that you have available I use Natural Bliss creamer it’s available at Any grocery store like Publix Kroger Walmart Target any place uh So let’s go and start the process add Water in our little water container Okay so now I have added the water in my Water container on the left side now I’m Gonna choose any you know my favorite Flavored coffee pods I think I’m gonna Go with this one it is I’m gonna put it this way so the brown Thing should be at the bottom I’m gonna close it and then I’m going to Move it all the way towards the left Side until it gets locked and then I’m gonna press the button which is at The top Put the coffee to start In the meanwhile I’m going to warm my Creamer Yes Smells really good [Music] Oh the coffee is out and now I’m gonna Add some creamer in it that I had Already Warmed up

No I’m gonna and another thing guys so It has two different options for the Coffee pot this one is the espresso one It’s uh smaller in quantity but it’s Stronger coffee and then this is the Regular pot and this is more an amount So you can have two options whatever you Prefer to make All right guys so I have made my coffee It is so delicious I use vanilla flavor And it’s so rich you can just smell all Over in the kitchen so my review about Nespresso coffee maker is it’s really Convenient very easy very easy to clean Also like it’s the pot just falls into Another container and you just take it Out and just dump it out it is so Convenient so easy you can buy it at Different stores in USA you can buy it At Target at Walmart Um I think at Macy’s all those stores Have it available and you can also order It online it’s also available at Bed Bath and Beyond you can also order it Online so that’s all for today guys my Coffee is ready I’m gonna enjoy it and I Will see you all in the next video take Care of yourself and your loved ones Subscribe to my channel if you like my Video see you in the next one bye

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